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Thread: Should i be concerned?

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    Red face

    Just got my VFT from a store today for 3 bucks, it looks fine just needs a little sun that it didn't get from the store.

    So anyway, I found one of those bigger black ants, I put it on the vft and it ran around like crazy. The ant ended up triggering 3 traps to close...

    I know this isn't good and the VFT's save up energy just for this purpose. What do you guys think will happen?

    I did freeze the ant until it was barely moving and put it in a spare trap though, as soon as it started moving around the trap closed on it. Kinda cool though, if you hold the plant upto the light you can see the ant moving around trying to get free. He won't though.

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    Well, yes, it's lost a little energy, but unless the traps are very old, they won't die just yet. I wouldn't worry too much about this. It happens sometimes with my VFTs as well, and they do okay. Even if traps die, more come to replace!

    Good luck!
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    Hi Paul.
    I wouldn't be to worried. Yes, it's true that traps have a limmited "life time" with respect to closing, but even if you exhaust one, it can still photosynthesize. One missed ant won't be the death of your plant! That said, I wouldn't recomend you go around tripping all the traps to amuse your friends....It DOES need to have some active traps in order to get food!

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    First: Wlecome to the forums.

    Second: The plant will be fine. The traps that were'nt sp lucky to catch the ant will re-open in a few days, ready to catch more bugs.

    Third: It's always fun to know that the bug will never get out.LOL


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