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Thread: Lota Light

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    Alright, new green/red bulbs that I've had for two weeks are growing under the 18 inch tube. So I ordered a new hood for my 10 gallon tank. 2 36 watt 6500k bulbs. Grand total of 72 watts of cool light. This hood was made for coral, is it going to cook my little baby traps?

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    I'm using a 23 gallon tank, 2 60 watt bulbs and a 90 watt, both cool glo as well. So far I'm not having any troubles with it cooking my plants, or even raising the temp. in my tank any more than 5 degrees above the room temp. But I'va also only had my VFT's in there for a little more than a week (new growth though, probably good sign)!
    So I don't think that will be too much light, but if I'm wrong hopefully someone will correct me!
    Also, I have seperate switches for all 3 lights, and I try to simulate natural conditions by haing all 3 come on in the morning, and turning off the 90 watt in the afteroon to sort-of simulate the natural progression of the sun's daily movement. Again though, I'm still quite new myself, and I may yet find out that my conditions aren't suitable, so I hope you get some more perspectives on this!
    Good luck with it!
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