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Thread: New member..just made terrarium

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    Hello all,
    My name is Dan and I'm from North Carolina, but currently living in Illinois. I used to grow VFT's and pitchers when I was a kid, and I just started up a new terrarium for CP's. I'll post up some pictures of it in a few days when things are settled.

    I'm using a 10gal aquarium with perlilte on the bottom and shredded canadian peat (around 3 inches) on top. I'm getting reverse osmosis distilled water from walgreens to water & so far I have 3 VFT's... probably the common variety purchased from a local hardware store.

    I have a flourescent plant light over them and two thermometers to monitor since I now have to keep them inside my apartment due to it cooling off outside. I'm planning to use a fish-tank heater to keep it warm. Right now it's staying at 73* F. with no heater.

    My first questions would be: what temp do VFTs like for best growth? since I'm not planning to make them dormant for several months.
    I've heard that VFTs like acid conditions, and I've also heard that they like neutral.... which is it? and if I need to go more acid, what's the best thing to add for acidity? Should I purchase a PH tester?

    thanks for all replies.

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    Hi and Welcome. Your set up sounds pretty good. Yes, VFT's like the soil somewhat acidic, but the pete moss will take care of that. Most people have pretty good luck with a pete/perlite or pete/sand mix.
    As far as temperature, they like it hot, but not blazing. Anywhere between 75 and 90. They also like it somewhat humid, but you don't have to go crazy. In a terrarium, there should be no problem keeping the humidity over 40%.
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    Thank you for the tips. I will get some NC sand next time I'm home & add some to help the drainage.
    I just added a second 18" flor light to my tank. I really felt like one wasn't enough for the plants and it wasn't keeping them very warm. It's up to 75.5*F now and going up. I think they will like the extra light, and it will be nice not to use the heater yet.

    What else can I do to make them happy and thrive ?

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