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Thread: Terrarium temp for VFTs?

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    I started keeping mine warmer (low to mid 80'sF) for my sundew, and that's about when a couple of my VFTs started looking bad.
    What temp are VFTs happiest at?

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    If you have the VFT's in a tank with no air flow...that is why they are looking bad.

    Venus flytrap's need air circulation in order to live. Warm, stagnant air will breed mold and the VFT's can't handle it.

    A couple of things to do:

    1) open the lid on the tank and allow new air to come in. It will help with mold and will help the plants. Humidity should still be high, and if you only have sundews in the tank, they should be fine ( as long as they are not some super rare plant ).

    2) take them out of the tank and place them on a windowsill or under a cool white light. Humidity isn't a major factor for the plant. You can always get a mist bottle and mist the platn daily if the humidity is low in your area.

    The plants may also be suffering from not having enough light in the tank ( just reaching )

    Take care!!

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