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Thread: Places that sell a vft's

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    i am trying to find a place that sell vft's adn has a wide variety
    i know they sell about 4 dif kinds here(and at cooks) is there anyone else that sells them
    Please let me know


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    Oliver, don't you think it's a little rude to ask for the competition to be listed on this site which is provided for free by petflytrap?

    If your interested in getting mroe variety that your standard 4, you are pretty limited, trade is a good way, hunting and pecking through online retailers is another, though usually stock is limited and getting the variety you want is just plain hard.

    Your best bet to get the oddball flytraps is to trade for them, or to get together with some other hobbyists and do a group order to one of the over seas nurseries that has different stock.
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