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Thread: Can vft cultivars be grown from seeds?

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    Recently I've seen some VFT cultivars' seeds (like Red Dragons, Sharks' Teeth, Southwest Giant, etc etc) offered for sale on eBay, amongst other sources. Can one grow such VFTs from seeds, or will the end product be the typical form of VFT?

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    Interesting question indeed!

    Growing plants from seed will produce a variety of offspring. You can't be guaranteed you will get the same traits as the parent plant. Particularly for a trait such as dente teeth which may or may not show up in the seedlings. Color and size of traps will vary also, even if a plant is self pollinated.

    Will you end up with something like the parent plant? Perhaps... more than likely not.

    NOW the whole issue is whether it can be called the same thing! According to the ICPS if a plant looks close enough to the published description, then it may use that cultivar name. Personally I dissagree. My opinion the cultivar name should only be used with the original plant and vegatively propagated offspring.
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