Well when I get my money you're hired. I was talking to the ICPS Co-editors regarding this concept, and they are interested too. It would be great if the whole registration concept finally catches on. Actually, there seems to be a greater interest than at the programs inception.

The Savage Garden certainly fufilled the requirement of printed media with a wide circulation. Any publication with a wide distribution would serve: Society Journals, magazines, anything with wide circulation capable of reproducing the photo in reasonable clarity would work. There is no official publication, although the CPN is widely used because of it's convenience and quality.

Ideally, as an ICPS member I would like to see more participation from members in the writing of articles on cultivation, more taxonomic discussions, and the like. I feel the cultivar registration part of the publication would be better placed in a sister or satellite publication. This would lead to speedier publication of new cultivars. But, if members don't contribute, I assume the copy slack is taken up by the backlog of sumbissions for cultivar publication.

Another thing I would like to see is a central website where these registered cultivars might be seen and reviewed. I'd say there was a good work ahead for some dedicated dedicated webmasters and graphic artists!

Bob's website has gone a long way toward showing the community the value of photographic consensus. Once there is a photo, we can begin to discuss what it might or might not be.