Holy moly. I don't think dormancy is worth all this brouhaha.

There are some basic guidelines but there is no ONE method of putting plants into dormancy. That will vary because of a growers location and conditions. Everyone must experiment and find what works them.

I live in VA so I leave my plants out year 'round. They get quite wet in the winter when it rains or snows...they freeze, they get covered over with water, they dry out. They bear all kinds of conditions but the one consistent element is the photoperiod which is by natural light. That is what signals the plants to go to sleep.

If you can put bulbs in a dark fridge, you can put bulbs in a dark garage, you can leave the plants growing outdoors in the sun. All methods work. Just because a person puts his bulbs in a garage and the plants die, you can't make a leap and say they died BECAUSE they were in a dark garage. Could have been a host of other reasons the plants have failed through dormancy.

Stop the squabbling...there are many methods so no ONE person is right or wrong. Research, read, draw your own conclusions and experiment!