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Thread: Propagating Mexican Pinguicula by Joseph Clemens

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    Propagating Mexican Pinguicula by Joseph Clemens

    Joseph Clemens


    The following is my Mexican Pinguicula propagating technique. This is my basic technique, which I tweak and modify when ideas occur to me.

    First: I pull ½ or more of the leaves from plants I am transplanting. I do this beginning with the oldest leaves first.

    Second: using Ziploc® snack size bags (6 ½ “L x 3 ¼” W) I place a small quantity of slightly moist LFS inside, covering the bottom of the bag. Using a plastic vial with a couple of small holes drilled into its lid (1/32” diameter) as a shaker (like a salt or pepper shaker) I sprinkle a light dusting of RootShield® brand of Trichoderma harzianum powder onto the LFS.

    Third: I place the detached leaves onto the RootShield® dusted LFS in the Ziploc® bags.

    Fourth: using a Sharpie® permanent marker I label the outside of the bag.

    Fifth: I place the bags together where they are well lit and warm but not in direct sunlight and then I wait for about 2-3 weeks or until buds or small plantlets are clearly evident on the leaves, then I go to step six.

    Sixth: having prepared enough 2 ¼" square plastic pots ahead of time (see propagule pot preparation), I gently place the budding leaves onto the surface of the pots, put four pots per gallon size Ziploc® bag, seal the bag and place it under fluorescent lights next to the adult plants.

    ** Propagule Pot Preparation**

    Fill pot 2/3 full with moist LFS, packed loosely, top with ¼ - ½ “ of peat or peat/sand which has first been sterilized by cooking in a microwave, cooled down and then thoroughly inoculated with RootShield® brand of Trichoderma harzianum powder by dusting, mixing and then dusting and mixing again. After topping the pots I spritz them with enough water to wet the surface of the media then sprinkle an additional dusting of RootShield® brand of Trichoderma harzianum powder. The powder is very fine like dust and a little goes a very long way. In just a week or two they look like the photo in my post and the media surface is covered with beneficial fungal hyphae like a fine white spider web.

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