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  1. RL7836

    LF Interesting Neps - have hamata, jamban, aristo (female) to trade

    In anticipation of the upcoming cooler weather, I thought I'd shake the trees to see what might fall out ... I recently rooted cuttings of the following: - N. hamata - Wistuba clone Trade has been confirmed - N. aristolochioides - proven female (BE clone) Trade has been confirmed - N. jamban -...
  2. boxofrain

    ISO section Orchidioides

    since having collected the section Iperua, I am now looking to collect the section Orchidioides. I have a few, but missing many. Looking for; U. Praetermissa U. Buntingiana U. Unifolia U. Asplundii U. Jamesoniana U. Campbelliana Any help or information on any of these would be greatly...
  3. Kyle

    Kyle's Grow/Want Lists

    ##Growing #Bladders Ultricularia bisquamata Utricularia dichotoma (Thanks for the SASE, kulamauiman!) Utricularia gramnifolia (Thanks for the SASE, flytraplady5!) Utricularia graminifolia (Thanks for donating to the NASC auction 2011, RL7836!) Utricularia livida (Thanks for the SASE...
  4. RL7836

    Utricularia, section Orchidioides - info sharing & discussion

    I've been growing some of these Utrics for approximately 1.5 years (yup - a noob) and have already gone through multiple trials & tribulations. Following some discussions with a grower on another forum (& a few on Terra), we thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion thread on the...
  5. aaddaam

    Orchidioides utric trade

    in about a month i will be able to take divisions from my Utricularia endresii and Utricularia geminiloba(there may be more than 1 division of each). i would like to know if any one would have any of the following to trade(they are in order from most wanted to least) Utricularia campbelliana...
  6. aaddaam

    looking for some epiphytic utricularia

    iam looking for some epiphytic utricularia. if you have forms, locations, or just regular plants of Utricularia buntingiana Utricularia campbelliana Utricularia endresii Utricularia geminiloba Utricularia humboldtii Utricularia jamesoniana Utricularia nephrophylla Utricularia praetermissa...
  7. Jefforever

    Jeff's Updated 2-12-07

    Jeff's Updated Growlist Utricularia: Orchidioides: Alpina "Pitter Moon Form" - Pyro Alpina - Pyro Alpina - Crystal --> Colieo Asplundii - Ice Dragon Quelchii "Mount Wei" - Jeff Quelchii x Humboldtii - Jeff Quelchii x Praetermissa - Jeff Iperua: Humboldtii - Rattler_mt Nelumbifolia - Jeff...
  8. Pyro

    All you ever wanted to know

    So I recall a while back someone somewhere made a comment that there was not a lot of information on these guys and that that was the reason no one grew them or took up offers for them. I was drafting up something for a friend and decided to go whole hog so here you go. And please remember...
  9. rattler

    Who is growing rarer utrics and genliseas?

    im already doing my planning for this next summer. im looking to expand my Utric collection even more, they take up much less room than Neps. i have found most of the common species that have caught my eye and will be getting more but those are fairly easy to find. i have scanned growlists of...
  10. homer

    Utric pictures

    Some of the newer Utrics to my collection are sending up flowers, so I thought I'd share. I almost lost my unifolia awhile back, but it rebounded nicely and is sending up flowers. Here's the graminifolia (wish my camera could take closer pics) A nice suprise, the heterosepala flowered...
  11. homer

    Utrics for trade

    I have a plug each of tricolor and livida for trade.  Plugs are approx. 2" in diameter. I'm looking for any utric not on my list.  USA only please. Here's what I am currently growing: alpina amethystina arenaria bisquamata calycifida 'Yog-sothoth' dichotoma flaccida graminifolia...
  12. R

    Introducing the missing epiphytes

    Is anyone in the process of introducing the "missing" epiphytes into cultivation? Or finding out the trick to successful growing? buntingiana campbelliana jamesoniana praetermissa unifolia I think a couple of people might have a couple of these plants, but I am more wondering if there's any...