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  1. Not a Number

    The Name Game - Part 3

    Allen Lowrie's Carnivorous Plants of Australia: Magnum Opus (2013) lists some 241 species of carnivorous plants at the time of publication. 163 of those are Drosera. Of these 29 are newly named. Some are new species formally described for the first time. Some were renamed as the "true" species...
  2. Not a Number

    Summary of taxonomic changes in Tuberous Drosera

    Since this wasn't shared before by members who have previously had Lowrie's Magnum Opus (published Nov 2013) I thought I'd post a summary of some of the taxonomic changes and new species of Tuberous Drosera published in the work. Please note the old names are still valid and it is up to you if...
  3. roxorboxor

    roxorboxor's grow list

    D. muscipula (a few typicals) D. capensis (normal, various seedlings) D. filiformis Tracyi Tuberous: D. menziesii ssp menziesii D. hookeri D. indumenta D. zigzagia D. ramellosa 'pink flower' D. rupicola 'Dark red x Bronze' D. peltata Nepenthes: 'Song of Melancholy' ampullaria x...