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Drosera hamiltonii won't grow right

My D. hamiltonni is grown at my windowsill(not sure what direction it faces) but it isn't growing its leaves properly. It would form a leaf but fail to produce tentacles and grow another leaf. Is this normal is hamiltonii behavior?
It receives bright light, watered by tray method, and is kept warm until winter comes.
Did you recently acquire the plant(s)? If so it may need to adjust to your growing conditions. What is the relative humidity like? Too low humidity can do this.

Drosera hamiltonii along with D. slackii will look crappy - scraggly tentacles with no dew - a good percent of the time unless conditions are just right. But they will grow nonetheless in a wide range of conditions. I recommend growing them in deep/tall pots - a minimum of 6 inches tall. Deeper would be even better. D. hamiltonii seems to like plenty of room for its roots to be long and straight and the percentage of days it looks good - nice fat drops of dew - goes up. The downside is it will produce less offshoots if propagation is your goal.
It's been growing in the same conditions for quite some time. I'll pot it in a deeper pot, although i think low humidity is the culprit.
Thank you