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for extrema ill take seeds, or leaf cutting, or young plants, or whatever works. but I would love to see a picture of a mature leaf for ID (i have been fooled too many times)

I am also looking for sesilifolia with pink flowers (pink, not whiteish pink )
again, I dont care if its seed leaf cuttings or plants

some of what I have for trade
burmannii green/red snap tentacles, hann river kimberley AUS seeds
true sp floating seeds (ID'd flower)
intermedia roraima seeds
nidiformis seeds
spatulata seeds
rotundifolia, butte meadow CA seeds
lantua island seeds

mature plants of
burmanni "giant red form", hann river kimberly AUS
and others ,pm me or post if interested
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If you don't find any soon let me know. I can send you a cutting.
like mentioned in that thread that does look to be multidifa but not extrema. multidifa will have around 10 or so points where as multidifa extrema will have points in the 50-60s if healthy and it has room, but on average it gets around 15-20 points, good example here http://s132.photobucket.com/user/jrfxtreme/media/binata02.jpg.html
either of you have pics of a mature staghorn leaf for ID? I need to know they are actually extrema. I have 3 other binata that have been traded to me as extrema but aren't, this time I want to get it right.
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I'll take a look when I get home and post a picture of a mature staghorn leaf (if I have one).
Single leaf. About 20 points or so. Not sure if I have ever seen 50 points on any multifida though...

neither have I but on good ol photofinder " Comments: Leaf may have 64 forks, possibly more." so I assume in the wild it's possible , soooo I am sure you would need an obscene amount of root space for it. this is the most ive seen
I counted about 28 I think, and they look like big pots. but as far as I know if it has more than 15 points it is extrema since everything else tends to have around 4-10 points
Ill pm you now
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