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Trading Nepenthes Hamta AW Clone #3

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Hi all,

I am trading away my nepenthes hamata AW clone #3 ( about 2 inch diameter) for rare ( and I mean rare) cephalotus varieties. I am not interested in Hummer's Giant.

I am mainly looking for:
-Eden Black clone
-Triffid Albany Black clone
-Double ribbed
-Other clones ( I choose if I am interested or not)
-Location data plants
-Seed grown plants

Depending on the plant and on it's size I would have to be receiving multiple plants, as a single seedgrown cephalotus is not worth as much as a nepenthes hamta. If it is a clone it must be traceable to the original creator, I am not looking to get scammed here, even if it's non intentional. If anyone has anything to offer I will post pics of the hamata, and I must see pics of the plant that is being offered. Thanks for looking!
I have a few plants on your list. Would love to see a photo of your plant.

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Will get one right now

thanks for the photo. good looking plant.

for that plant I would offer the following
double ribbed

I will have to send photos later if interested in either one of those.
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