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Thread: Is it Possible?

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    Is it Possible?

    I have just recently received the book Nepenthes of Borneo
    and I've read a couple of things that just have my mind tied into a knot.

    It classifies 0-1000 m as lowland
    and 1001-3000m as highland

    and surprisingly I found that some 'highland Nepenthes' according to the Author could be grown as lowlanders. Is that true?

    some examples:

    N. stenophylla 900-2600 m
    N. tentaculata 700-2400 m

    and I would suppose that they would classify these few as possible intermediates?

    N. burbidgeae 1200-1800 m
    N. edwardsiana 1500-2400 m
    N. ephippiata 1300-1900 m
    N. fusca 1200-2500 m
    N. rajah 1500-2600 m

    or would they just be grown like normal highlanders?

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    It depends on the location the plant came from. Tentaculata from 700m would do a hell of a lot better in my conditions than one from 2400m...that's for sure.
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