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Thread: Two traps trapped water

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    Dan the man
    what up,
    When water got into my vft's some of them closed and
    were shriveled by the next day. can someone tell me why this is.
    thanx a bunch

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    Da Man

    If your traps are shriveled, I doubt it had anything to do with the water. What kind of water was it? Tap water is a no-no but still shouldn't shrivel a trap. Its possible it was just the traps time to die. They don't last forever...they die off after several feedings and grow new ones to replace the old.

    Water (rain or poured) can trigger a trap to close if it hits the triggers hairs just right but it should open in a day or so.


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    I appreciate the info Planta kiss
    I think it was because of tap water.
    I am new and didn't know. I will discontinue
    the use of tap water

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