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  1. kayaker78

    WTB: WTB: Pinguicula Seeds

    WTB: WTB: Pinguicula Seeds For those of you who have a lot of Pings and are good at crossing them, I'd love to be able to buy seeds. I'm looking to get some quick experience raising plants from seed and maybe even use plants for trading to build my collection later. Let me know your price and...
  2. A


    I was recently introduced to the amazing world of Coleus! I never knew there were so many amazing new types! I am looking for Coleus Campfire and any from the Coleus Under The Sea collection. I'm open to other similar Coleus. To offer, I can trade Utricularia graminifolia and I can make...
  3. C

    Baby adelae, capilaris longleaf, filliformis.

    Got three new additions for my collection. Baby Adelae (paid the plant price (1USD) with shipping, extra 1 plant). Baby Capilaris longleaf (bonus from fili). Baby Filiformis (pay shipping only). Yay. *swooooon* I never know that Filis was a really tough plant. It was still standing straight...
  4. goldtrap2690

    Nepenthes 'Linda' & khasiana

    I've never known anyone in the US to grow 'Linda' and it's just as rare to see someone with a khasiana in their collection but it's worth a shot. Anyone with an extra cutting or plant, please shoot me a message and let's see what we can work out! Thanks!
  5. K

    WTB: Drosera Hilaris

    WTB: Drosera Hilaris Looking to aquire a Drosera hilaris, either a plant, seeds or even leaf cuttings. I'm willing to buy or trade, I don't have a grow list up but have a well rounded collection of sundews, Nepenthes, Pinguicula, Heliamphora, and cephalotus. List Date: 8/4/2016 For more...
  6. ArcanaCapra

    ArcanaCapra 's Grow List

    Just registering my little collection Nepenthes: N. Graciliflora Dionaea: Typical Drosera: D. Spatulata * D. Intermedia * D. Madagascariensis * D. Capensis 'alba' * D. Burmannii D. Burmannii 'Hong Kong' Seeds wish list: Drosera: D. Burmannii (of any variation I dont have) D. Binata...
  7. ArcanaCapra

    A Brazilian guy who is new to the forum

    Well, hello everyone. I am a relatively new grower from Brazil, I have been growing sundews (and only sundews, but I'm looking forward to expand my collection!) for 8 months now. I actually found this forum when I was looking for places to trade seeds, as my collection has not expanded in a...
  8. ImUrNv

    New from North Carolina

    Hi Guys! I'm new to the forum, and somewhat new to carnivorous plants... sandersonii and a few beginner drosera. However I recently moved from California to North Carolina and did not bring the plants with me, so I will be looking to restart my collection out here.
  9. Rball

    ISO tuberous drosera

    I am looking to get some tuberous drosera. This is something i have been wanting to try for many years. I have many different plants to offer to trade. If anyone has any dormant tubers please let me know. Im sure if have something in my collection that may interest you for trade. Ryan
  10. GemStateC

    D. Andromeda

    For Trade: D. Andromeda plantlets (12, roughly 1-2.5 inch plants). The adult plants are roughly 5-6 inches wide! I can either ship them bare root or divided and potted. I'm looking to expand my Ping collection mainly but i'm interested in virtually anything else i don't have. See my growlist...
  11. Mercfh

    New from Ky

    Hi all, im pretty new to the hobby but like with most things I get into I have to know EVERYTHING about them. Almost to the point of OCD. That being said this looks like an awesome place to meet people and gather information. I've been growing Carnivorous plants for about 6 months now. 2 Cape...
  12. KaijuEmily

    KaijuEmily''s Short Grow List

    So I only recently allowed myself to get back into carnivorous plant cultivation! So my collection is pretty small... I have two: Nepenthes ventricosa And one : venus fly trap Too bad I'm having trouble posting pics.
  13. Shadowtski

    Drosera finlaysoniana Flowering

    Here are some mediocre photos of my Drosera finlaysoniana. They're annuals grown from seed from the ICPS Seedbank. Seed was planted on March 9th in a water filled test tube. It germinated in 11 days and was potted up on March 22nd. In 3 months, they've grown to a height of almost 6 inches, still...
  14. Jcal

    Cephaltous Squat for trade

    I have a few spares of this plant available. I am looking to increase my collection of cephalotus only and looking for clones that are not currently on my growlist below. If you have something available please let me know. Besides squat I do have a few other clones to offer so please inquire if...
  15. Swagalotus

    WTB: Drosera esmeraldae

    WTB: Drosera esmeraldae Title pretty much says it all, looking to buy drosera esmeraldae either plant or seed since it's a plant I've wanted in my collection for a while. Thanks! List Date: 6/27/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB: Drosera esmeraldae...
  16. kayaker78

    WTB: WTB: Utricularia

    WTB: WTB: Utricularia I gave my collection away a few years ago when I moved to Utah and I think it's time to rebuild. I picked up U. sandersonii last weekend but I haven't been able to reach the grower I gave most of my collection to, so I'm now looking to buy. High on my want list are...
  17. Grey Moss

    Seed Collection

    Hey. I have a couple of utricularia seed pods and I was wondering what the best way to collect and spread them is. Every time i go to collect and spread the seeds I just end up with them clinging to my fingers and it becomes impossible to ensure that they actually make it onto the media. Does...
  18. fredg

    Dactylorhiza maculata

    This is a self set survivor of my original collection of Dactylorhiza maculata. It settled itself into a Hosta tub and hasn't looked back.The clone is now multi-headed and a bit of a favourite of MrsG. Please forgive the size of the photo but I really thought it deserved it for the detail...
  19. nip 'n these

    Where do you get your Nepenthes from?

    Hey guys, I recently fell in love with Nepenthes, and decided that I wanted to try growing some. Unfortunately, I've been having very little luck finding any. I saw people posting online that they bought theirs at Home Depot and Lowes. I wasn't able to find any at Home Depot, and didn't want to...
  20. Zath

    Nepenthes Grab Bag (Intermediate)

    I'll be honest...these plants are suffering under my care. I just don't want them around anymore, and that has led to me forgetting to water them, etc. They look pretty pitiful, but as far as I can tell, they're still alive. This will be a mish-mash of various hybrids (mostly ventricosa...