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It was sunny today so I figured I should take some of the plants out for photos.

N. maxima 'Wavy Leaf':

The horizontal pitcher at 6:00 was one of the originals that came with the plant when I got it 5 months ago, as was the now-dead one at 3:00. Quite long-lived pitchers.

N. glabrata:


This may be old news, but I'm starting to believe that both the leaf and pitcher sizes are related to when the tendril hits something. If we number the two pitchers in the first image as being from leaves 1 and 3 then leaf 2 produced the pitcher in the second image, which is ~50% bigger than the others. I've since moved the plant to give it a bit more space, but leaf 4 (not pictured) got jammed between the pot and soil early on and is positively tiny in comparison.

N. spathulata x talangensis:

Haven't heard anything about this hybrid, but I personally like it. The pitcher on the left opened a bit over a week ago, looking forward to when it colours up to a nice red like the others.

N. rajah x mira:


Not as fast a grower as the others, but it's going at a steady rate. Each pitcher lid has a single hair on it in about the centre, not sure if that's common or not, but still an interesting feature.

N. trusmadiensis x burbidgeae:


One of my newer ones so I can't take any credit for the pitchers shown. I suspect it was grown next to a wall or something, judging by the shape of the pitcher. Should be a good one though.
Beautiful! Keep up the good work!
Ooh, I love N. spat x talangensis. I'm glad someone else likes it, too. Mine is being a bit stubborn, so I haven't seen too many pitchers on it, but once it takes off, I think it'll be really great. Glad to see yours is so happy.
Thanks guys. Natch, nice to know someone else likes spathulata x talangensis, hope yours picks up too.

Over the weekend a friend with a decent camera and macro lens came over. A couple of nicer shots:

N. robcantleyi x hamata:

Both the hybrids with robcantleyi parentage that I have grow rather slowly, but at least they're growing.

N. rajah x mira:

A closeup of the single hair that occurs on this hybrid's lid. Has anyone else who owns this hybrid noticed it?
Good plants. Thank you for sharing the nice pic.
The N. trusmadiensis x burbidgeae is absolutely gorgeous with very nice coloration! Do you drill holes and/or use mesh pots for all of your nepenthes?
Thanks Knuckles! All of my neps are in mesh pots (or home-made equivalents) since I use misters to control the humidity in my greenhouse. I've got no concern about things drying out, and I figure the additional drainage should help reduce the chances of root rot.
Really nice collection! Keep us update
A couple of new acquisitions from EP so I can't take credit for these pitchers, but I wanted to share them anyway:

N. [(lowii x veitchii)-yellow x boschiana] x burbidgeae

N. (eymae x maxima) x [(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii]

Lighting in this one wasn't the best so it's a bit washed out, but the white/pink combination on the body is really nice.
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:drool:s @ 1st nep peristome
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N. spathulata x singlana:

N. spathulata x talangensis, the new pitcher has coloured up nicely and the new one on the far right is looking to be at least a good 10% larger:

N. veitchii x burbidgeae, only open for a week or two when this picture was taken:

In contrast, the pitcher from a much younger/smaller N. veitchii x burbidgeae plant:

N. burbidgeae x robcantleyi pitcher, pictures taken a week apart:

As summer's coming it'll get more light and the rest of the peristome will turn the same colour as the stripes, which I think is a bit of a pity. Still, lots of time for the plant to grow and change.
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Borrowed a DSLR, so something better than phone pictures this time!

N. burbidgeae x robcantleyi up the back, N. chaniana down the front and N. x trusmadiensis x burbidgeae at far right:

Speaking of N. x trusmadiensis x burbidgeae:

N. glabrata:

N. 'Black Knight':

N. spathulata x singlana going well as usual:


N. lingulata settling in nicely, looking forward to the first pitchers to have grown under my care:

N. rajah x mira and N. spectabilis x aristolochioides. Funny to see the similar sizes, despite the parentage. I suppose it won't last, but at the moment you can definitely tell which one grows faster...
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Wow! I really like that N. lingulata!
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Your plants are gorgeous. The colors are fantastic; and your live sphagnum looks very happy. I also wanted to say that I love your homemade Nepenthes/Orchid pots with the holes drilled in the sides haha. I'm always looking for ideas like that to save some money. Might have to go downstairs and make a few of those myself.
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Thanks Natch, was rather lucky to catch the lingulata when EP had some, it's easily one of my favourites along with the trusmadiensis x burbidgeae.

Radagast, glad it's given you an idea! Less money on pots = more money on plants. I repotted one of my plants in live sphagnum, and even with the relatively low number of holes the sphagnum is happily growing out the side of the pot.
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That lingulata is absolutely beautiful can't wait for mine to look like that!
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Been a good few months, and it's the middle of summer now. Some pitchers aren't surviving as long, although I'm not sure why. The N. x trusmadiensis x burbidgeae pitcher in my last post is still looking good, but the larger one that came after it only lasted about a month before browning. Ditto with a N. burbidgeae x talangensis pitcher. Anyhow, pictures:

N. (eymae x maxima) x [(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii]. Colouring could be nicer, but I still like that peristome. A pitcher when I got it was much nicer in my opinion, more a white/pink instead of green/red. I'm guessing that's a light issue.

N. burbidgeae x talangensis. Small pitcher, absurdly long tendril. Can't wait until this plant is bigger.

N. [(lowii x veitchii)-yellow x boschiana] x burbidgeae, as entered in the Jan 2016 POTM thread. It's actually continued to darken since this picture, both body and peristome.

N. (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x macfarlanei. Tubby!

Group shot here. From left to right: N. (eymae x maxima) x [(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii], N. rajah x mira, N. glandulifera. Yeah, the left one has the same parentage as the first plant in this post. Remarkable difference. Also, on the far left and partly out of the picture is the browning N. x trusmadiensis x burbidgeae pitcher I mentioned earlier.

N. burbidgeae x robcantleyi. Getting bigger with every pitcher, peristome not really flaring our much more though. Off to the right is N. chaniana, which looks like it's growing quite happily.

N. boschiana x platychila. Have to say I'm conflicted about this one. My biggest plant and it has a nice body, but I'm not sure about the peristome. Still a good one though.

N. veitchii x burbidgeae. Both pitchers from the same plant, interesting to see the colour difference. Hopefully the former will develop a red edge like the other one, but to be honest I think that's its final state.

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Really like the bosch x platy actually, think the color is great. And the peristome will probably widen as it hits uppers.
I also like the contrast on your burb x robc; mine gets the super dark peristome and even darker stripes, but the body blushes along with it, which is also nice but not as stark and crisp as something like yours. The peristomes in this cross never seem to flare though, taking more after burb in that manner. Even the big mature pitchers I've seen in pics roll.
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Thanks for the comments! The N. boschiana x platychila is getting to be about a foot tall and the internode spacing is slowly increasing, so hopefully uppers won't be that far away and it can show off its colours a bit more.