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  • Your inbox is full but I wanted to let you know my pings got here in great shape. They are so adorable! And thank you so much for my little surprise! :3
    Hey! I got all the plants today. You really hooked me up! Thanks so much for everything. As soon as I can I'll try and take pictures so I can show you all the plants new home. And if you're ever in the Raleigh area let me know I'd love to show you my collection :)
    Hey there. Did the bicalcarata that I sent you years ago pull through? I was thinking about those the other day.
    i thought you'd like to know what happened to your D. paradoxa that you sent my way 2 years ago. :)
    thanks so much for the plant!
    did you get the tequlia hops so love to see some one here get it so we can trade pics as they age .

    Later you can pm me if you like.
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