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  1. PsychoSarah

    Nepenthes cuttings giveaway

    Wow, it has been a long time since I have been on these forums. My life got pretty crazy for a while, but I still actively grow my carnivorous plants. So, I experimented with cuttings since I have last been on here, and way more of them survived than I was expecting. So, now I have 8 rooted...
  2. bioflyer

    Paracarnivorous lady in my garden

    Hi everybody! I share with you some pictures of a mystery plant that grows naturally in my garden (as a weed). Viscosity of the substance produced by trichomes is far more efficient than with droseras. I'd like to identify it (at least the family name) Is it, according to you, a...
  3. S

    Mystery sarracenia

    We rescued a new sarracenia- and I'm quite taken with it, but I can't quite put my finger on what its parents were. To me it looks a bit like a cross between minor and psitaccina. Any clues would help...
  4. S

    Mystery Traveler

    We bought a typical VFT the other day and it had this white plastic ring covering the soil, and when we looked underneath we found this little guy: http://rs1268.pbsrc.com/albums/jj572/drbonest/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20160524_191340133_HDR_zpsmfev6dte.jpg?w=480&h=480&fit=clip It looks to my...
  5. masonix

    What sundew is this?

    Got me a sundew mystery mix on eBay which contained surprisingly fresh seeds, most of them sprouted within a week. One of the plants which looks like the attached image grows very fast, can you help me what type it is? Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  6. Pk93

    Nepenthes cutting trouble

    Hello, I'm currently trying to root a couple cuttings I purchased this past Saturday, I thought they were doing okay until I looked at them today. One of them (a mystery cutting) has started to turn brown at the middle of the stem, the stem is still firm but I can only imagine that it is some...
  7. carolatcj

    Please read before making payment!

    PAYMENT FOR A WON ITEM: Payment can be made by personal check, money order, cashier's check or Paypal. Make your checks out to North American Sarracenia Conservancy. Paypal to treasurer@nasarracenia.org as "Goods, other". Please make sure you use the "instructions to seller" function and title...
  8. Ozzy

    * PAID* Mystery Dew (Jcal $16)

    Before bidding please read the entire auction. Ok Up for bid is a mystery dew. I'm not really a dew expert so I'll tell you what I know about it. I believe this to be a Mexican variety. It's medium sized, and very dark in color. Almost a blood purplish red color. In addition to your mystery...
  9. L

    *PAID* Dinner and a Drink! (carolatcj $20)

    Ok folks... I have the offer of a lifetime.. You are bidding on a Dinner / Drink with a rather interesting fellow! We are going to start the auction with him a mystery.. but with each bid you may ask a question to determine his identity. Most of you will know him! For the drink, it will be at...
  10. Ozzy

    NASC's 2016 Spring Auction Rules

    Welcome to the 2016 Terraforums NASC Benefit Auction! In order to participate in the 2016 NASC auction, you are REQUIRED to read the Rules below for both listing and bidding. By making any posts in the Auction Forum, for either donations of items or bids on items, you acknowledge that you have...
  11. curtisconners

    The grow list of curtisconners

    Dionea: 3 typicals 1 dente 1 Coquillage Nepenthes: N. x ventrata N. ventricosa N. Maxima x ventricosa Sarracenia S. Purpura S. Leucyphylla "tarnok" S. ([Purpurea x rubra] x self) x judith kindle Drosera: Capensis "giant" Filiformis x tracyi Mystery weed dew Want list: Dionea: Any cultivar I...
  12. farmertom

    Grow shelf advice!

    Hi yall, ive been growing cp's for a few years here and there, and since I'm somewhat settled in my current place, I thought I'd set up a more permanent grow shelf. I dragged a free-standing wooden shelf from the backyard to my bedroom's south-facing window, put a few trays of live sphagnum and...
  13. S

    Bringing pinguicula out of dormancy?

    Hey guys! First of all, let me start off by saying this: pings are just a mystery to me. I have killed more of these guys than any other plant I have ever owned trying to get it right with them. That said, by some kind of miracle, I have managed to keep 4 alive for just shy of a full year...
  14. S

    Squidfengshui's Growlist

    Drosera: Aliciae Binata Burmanii Capensis Narrow Leaf Capensis Alba Falconeri Filiformis seedlings Petiolaris Spatulata Venusta Assorted rosetted mystery seedlings and plants Pygmies Barbigera Dichrosepala ssp. dichrosepala "Dork’s Pink" Helodes Leucoblasta “brookton” Mannii Nitidula x...
  15. summit

    Mystery Pot of Dews

    Purchased this mystery pot of sundews from a nursery that was unfamiliar with them, keeping them in shaded corners and advising me to avoid direct sunlight. I know the majority of the pot is either D. Filiformis or D. Tracyi (How do you tell the difference? Or is it possible at their size?)...
  16. C

    Sphagnum Wont Colonize

    Hello all! I've lurked this forum for many months and just gotten around to posting, I actually have a question that I hope someone can answer. Like many of you, I enjoy the look of live Sphagnum in a pot, and have a pretty nice culture going on (which just sprouted some mystery Drosera, would...
  17. J

    Neps in Hawaii

    About a week ago I got back from a trip to Hawaii, the big island, where we visited a Nepenthes nursery (can I name it here?). It was amazing and so big and full of awesome plants that we spent about 3 and a half hours there. Here's a bunch of pics I took before it started raining. Some of the...
  18. SerMuncherIV

    Mystery terrestrial orchid?

    I have received an orchid division labeled as a "hardy Chinese ground orchid" (Bletilla), which I can tell from the foliage it's not. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of the blooms. It was given to me as a gift from a friend who grows it on an east-facing windowsill, with the directions...
  19. David F

    Drosera capensis "Big Pink" giveaway

    Hey guys I've been "stealing" all your plants in giveaways and decided I am due for my own. For now I don't have a lot of tissue of this species to offer, but a few months ago I took quite a few cuttings from this plant. I'm willing to give away 3 of the best looking plants, one per person...
  20. K

    drosera mystery..

    <a href="http://photobucket.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa215/igethigh420/Mobile%20Uploads/20150815_230757-1.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 20150815_230757-1.jpg"/></a> I tossed a few seeds in my dish and over time lost the id its a possibility of a few...