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  1. Knuckles

    adnedarn & ErrorEN

    1 by blu-bear, on Flickr Also Millipede & Pk93. Wishing you many more Green birthdays to come!
  2. adnedarn

    Do you Ninja?

    I'm just kinda curious if anyone here plays WARFRAME? It is by far the longest I've ever played a game, over 2 years now I think... I even play with RamPuppy (he got me into it) if anyone of you remember that moderator. With how many people play, I would expect there to be someone here that...
  3. thez_yo

    N. khasiana x viking* - UNROOTED cutting (adnedarn $15)

    Up for auction is a couple feet off the top of this N. khasiana x viking*. I received it a couple years ago from another grower, and it's proceeded to take over my livingroom. I've gotten rid of numerous basals, but it's time for the top of it to get the chop. It's the one taking over the...
  4. ps3isawesome

    Thank you Adnedarn, Cpbobby, and Nepenthesis for this giveaways

    This giveaways arrived all around the same time. Thank you guys for this amazing gifts, I will take really good care of them.
  5. thez_yo

    N.'Clarabell' - adnedarn $22

    For your consideration, N. 'Clarabell' [(clipeata x ventricosa) x (mirabilis x (northiana x maxima))], a Leilani hybrid Here's a pic of the parent plant of a small pitcher- Please only U.S.A., bidding starts at $2, and winner pays $5 for Shipping/Handling directly to me via paypal. It is...
  6. adnedarn

    "Looking to buy" rules! Work in progress. Comments/Suggestions welcome!

    I will edit this post as we go.... Welcome everyone to the TerraForums Looking To Buy forum! 1) First off please note, this looking to buy section is in trial mode and can have major/minor changes or end at any time. 2) Only "Thank You" members can post that they are looking to buy an...
  7. adnedarn

    Classifieds rules. Work in progress... comments/suggestions welcome

    I will edit this post as we go.... Welcome everyone to the TerraForums Classifieds! 1) First off please note, these classifieds are in trial mode and can have major/minor changes or end at any time. ALL members may participate in the classifieds section, both for selling, and listing a...
  8. swords

    Happy Birthday Adnedarn

    Thanks for TF! I hope you have a great Birthday!
  9. uphwiz

    open pollinated seeds from " adnedarn" year three

    here are sarrs grown from seeds from andrew here on the forum . i know they are not highly sought after but a couple of these are really nice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  10. mass

    TF Thank-you (Green) membership NOW 2 years (chibae $15)

    Up for auction is a: Thank-you Membership. -I will pay your membership cost for 1yr., (and adnedarn will add a year to make it 2years!) regardless of auction bid prices. -Get it cheap, or go above and beyond for a good cause. My treat.. -Open to international bidders.. - Please plan to pay...
  11. kulamauiman

    4 inch pot of Nepenthes ventricosa rooted cutting, known female (adnedarn $15)

    You are bidding on: one 4 inch pot of Nepenthes ventricosa rooted cutting, known female. This plant is well rooted and producing new pitchers. The parent plant that these cuttings were taken from bloom regularly in the late winter and early spring and then again on occasion in the end up...
  12. uphwiz

    adnedarn won ???

    was the ticket that hit the lottery last night adnedarn's ?:-D
  13. uphwiz

    Identify Please, nice find from ,FLYTRAPSHOP

    After unpotting the red dragon dew I got form the store here in the spring I found this. :-O do I owe adnedarn more money ?:blush: Is a good one?:0o:. . Should I fridge it with the VFT's , so I dont disturb it again?. . Ive already uprooted it, though the roots are all in the clump of...
  14. Not a Number

    Happy Bday adnedarn, Millipede and Eric_N!

    Here's to having a good one!
  15. ilbasso

    WHITE habanero plant (Adnedarn $8)

    Pepper fans that want a little something different should like this-white habanero peppers. They are reportedly to still be wickedly hot and I have more than I probably need so I'm offering one up here. I didn't know that these even existed until I was seed shopping a few months ago and I will...
  16. uphwiz

    open pollinated sarrs from adnedarn year two

    I got some open pollinated seeds from adnedarn two years ago and started them last spring very early in the spring , the two pots are coming back and a couple of the clumps look very promiising. :-O . . . . . the sarr in the back is oreophylla its first year to bloom too, i didnt see the...
  17. mass

    Drosera of the Month Sept. 2011: Contest Voting

    Please follow the link below to cast your vote for the September 2011 DOTM. Good luck to those of you that entered.. http://www.cs.cornell.edu/w8/~andru/cgi-perl/civs/vote.pl?id=E_4b628d7b32cfdb88&akey=4dfac99f2e38e2d9 Entrants are: adnedarn ~ D. prolifera kulamauiman ~ D...
  18. SirKristoff

    Nepenthes clipeata x ventricosa

    I received this plant late last year as a basal cutting from our beloved Adnedarn in a small trade.... It has finally started to show its true colors with a nice trap.... Previously the traps have looked similar to this previous trap Now here are a few shots of the new trap, it really looks...
  19. Not a Number

    Drosera trinervia seed adnedarn $9

    Drosera trinervia seed Drosera trinervia is one of the easier to cultivate of the winter growing South African Drosera. It has the distinction of being the most numerous and wide spread of the South African species despite the experience of D. capensis in cultivation. When the plants go...
  20. RL7836

    D. schizandra adnedarn $44

    Up for auction is a thriving, medium-sized D. schizandra - one of the three sisters from Australia. Imho, this is the Queen of all sundews and when grown well, it is truly a very impressive plant. Here is a pic of a plant I grew within the last year or so (NOT the plant up for auction - add'l...