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flytraps2000's growlist

Hello everyone, here is my grow list.  Little old with some additions missing but pretty accurate. Current 2/05 additions coming soon, couple losses to.


ald1 Japanese form
ald2 Australian red form NSW near Mertens Creek above Big Mertens Falls near Mitchel Falls, Kimberley, north-western W. Australia


broc1 reducta

cat1 berteroniana

ceph1 typical
ceph2 hummer giant
ceph3 Ivans
Darlingtonia Californica

dar1 typical
Dionaea muscipula

v1 banded
v2 big mouth
v3 blood red
v4 claytons red sunset
creeping death
v5 cross teeth
v6 cup trap
v7 dentate traps
v8 dingleys giant
v9 fang
v10 fine tooth
v11 fused tooth
v12 green  
v13 green dragon
leo song's jaws
v14 long red fingers
v15 low giant
v16 pink venus
v17 red dragon
v18 red/green
v19 red piranha
v20 regal red
v21 royal red
v22 slack's giant
v23 triffid trap
v24 typical
v25 typical pender co. NC
v26 vigorous
v27 yellow
Pygmy Drosera Species

dp1 callistos
callistos brookton
dp2 closterostigma
dp3 dichrosepala
dp4 dichrosepala Fisk Track Rd.
dp5 dichrosepala Nanicup
echinoblasta large white flower
dp6 ericksonae
dp7 helodes
dp8 lasiantha
dp9 leucoblasta Brookton
dp10 mannii
dp11 microscapa
dp12 nitidula subsp. allantostigma
dp13 nitidula subsp. leucostigma
dp14 nitidula subsp. nitidula
dp15 nitidula subsp. omissa
dp16 occidentalis subsp. australis orange flower Warriup
dp17 occidentalis subsp. occidentalis Berrmullah
dp18 occidentalis subsp. occidentalis
dp19 oreopodion
dp20 paleacea subsp. enodes
palacea subsp. enodes   Scott river
paleacea subsp. enodes large form
palacea subsp. enodes small form
dp21 paleacea subsp. paleacea-red plant Cranbrook
dp22 paleacea subsp. paleacea
dp23 paleacea subsp. roseana
dp24 paleacea subsp. stelliflora
dp25 paleacea subsp. trichocaulis
dp26 platystigma
dp27 pulchella-coral pink fl., red center Scott River, Western Australia
dp28 pulchella-orange flower
dp29 pulchella-pink flower
dp30 pulchella red flower
dp31 pulchella-red flower 37b w/red center
dp32 pulchella-red 52A
dp33 pulchella-red/purple 58B
dp34 pycnoblasta
dp35 pygmaea-all green plants
dp36 pygmaea Eastern States, Australia
dp37 pygmaea Kangaroo Island
dp38 pygmaea New Zealand
pygmaea Tasmania
dp39 sargentii
dp40 scorpiodes
dp41 spilos
Pygmy Drosera Hybrids

dph1 nitidula susbp. allantostigma x ericksoniae
dph2 nitidula subsp.nitidula x occidentalis (x Carbarup)
dph3 nitidula subsp.omissa x occidentalis subsp.occidentalis Lake Badgerup
dph4 nitidula subsp.omissa x pulchella
dph5 nitidula subsp. nitidula x pygmaea Western Australia South Coast
dph6 occidentalis x D. pulchella
dph7 pulchella x ericksonae
Tuberous Drosera

auriculata Grisborne, Vic
auriculata Jamison, Vic
dtu1 auriculata New Zealand
bulbosa subsp. bulbosa eastern wheatbelt
bulbosa subsp. major
erythrorhiza subsp. collina
erythrorhiza subsp. erythrorhiza
erythrorhiza subsp. magna
erythrorhiza subsp. squamosa
erythrorhiza subsp. squamosa 7cm
dtu2 gigantea-red
dtu3 gigantea-yellow/green
loweriei giant
lowriei deep maroon plant
marchantii subsp. prophylla
macrantha subsp. macrantha type woodland form
macrantha subsp. plachonii
macrophylla subsp. monantha
microphylla subsp. macropetala
menziesii subsp. basifolia
dtu4 menziesii subsp. menziesii
peltata Mieken, Japan
dtu5 peltata New Zealand
peltata Riddles Creek
peltata var. foliosa Grampains, Vic
peltata var. foliosa Lysterfield, Vic
peltata var. peltata Mt. Madden Western Australia
ramellosa-pink flower
ramellosa-white flower
rosulata type 7cm
stolonifera subsp. compacta
stolonifera subsp. humilis
dtu6 stolonifera porrecta
stolonifera subsp. prostrata
stolonifera subsp. rupicola green plant
stolonifera subsp. stolonifera hills form
dtu7 stolonifera stolonifera
dtu8 stricticaulis
tubaestylus type perth form
dtu9 whittakeri Aberans
dtu10 whittakeri Victoria
dtu11 whittakeri mixed forms
aff. macrantha nothern heathland  cream flowers scented.
aff. macrantha rock outcrop form
aff. macrantha swamp form
aff. tubaestylus Brookton form
Drosera Species

dt1 anglica Alaska
dt2 anglica Hawaii
dt3 anglica Washington State
dtr1 adelae
dt4 arcturi
dtr2 biflora
dtr3 binata binata var. dichotoma
dtr4 binata binata var. dichotoma Hauraki Plains, NZ
dtr5 binata binata var. dichotoma giant
dtr6 binata 'marston dragon'
dtr7 binata binata var. multifida
dtr8 binata binata var.multifida extrema
dtr9 binata t-form
dtr10 brevifolia
dtr11 capensis-narrow leaf
dtr12 capensis-wide leaf
dtr13 capensis- green
dtr14 capensis-red
dtr15 capillaris South Carolina
dtr16 capillaris Walton Co. FL
capillaris Volusia Co. FL
dtr17 communis
dtr18 cuneifolia
dtr19 dielsiana
dtr20 esterhuyseniae
dt5 filiformis var. filiformis Pine Barrens, NJ
filiformis var. filiformis Columbus, NC near old dock
dt6 filiformis var. filiformis giant Florida
dt7 filiformis var. tracyi Walton co. FL
dt8 filiformis var. tracyi 'alba'
dtr21 glabripes
dtra1 glanduligera
dtr22 hamiltonii
dtra2 indica
dtr23 intermedia Cuba
dt9 intermedia newfoundland
dt10 intermedia New Jersey
dt11 intermedia Walton co. FL
intermedia Great swamp RI
dtrp1 lanata
dtr25 madagascarensis
dtr26 madagascarensis Botswana
dtr27 montana var. montana
dtr28 natalensis
dtr29 nidiformis
dtrp2 paradoxa white flower
dtrp3 petiolaris red
dtr32 regia
dtr33 roraimae
dt12 rotundifolia alaska
dt13 rotundifolia Florence Oregon
dt14 rotundifolia Newfoundland Canada
dt15 rotundifolia Washington State
dtra3 sessifolia Chapada Dos Guimores, Brazil
dtr34 slackii
dtr35 sp. Auyan tepui
dtr36 sp. Chapada Diamontina
dtr37 spathulata ' borneo 8'
dtr38 spathulata white flower Fraizer Island
dtr39 spathulata Kanto
dtr40 spathulata subsp. Lovellae
dtr41 spathulata pink flower Kansai
dtr42 spathulata ruby red slippers
dt16 stenopetala
dtr43 trinervia
dtr44 venusta
Drosera Hybrids

dth1 anglica'California' x anglica'Hawaii'
dth2 brevifolia x intermedia
dtrh1 burkeana x madagascariensis (xCollinsiae)
dth3 capillaris x intermedia
dth4 filiformis filiformis x filiformis tracyi (x California Sunset)
dth5 filiformis x intermedia (x Hybrida)
dth6 rotundifolia x intermedia
dtrh2 x snyderi

gen1 hispidula
gen2 violacea 'caraca'

h1 chimantensis clone a Chimana Venezuela
chimantensis clone b
h2 folliculata Aparaman Tepui, Venezuela
h3 heterodoxa Gran Sabana, Venezuela
hh1 heterodoxa x nutans
hh2 heterodoxa x ionasii
hh3 heterodoxa x minor
h4 hispida Cerro Neblinae, Brazil
h5 ionasii Ilu Tepui, Venezueala
ionasii x nutans
h6 minor
h7 minor Akopan Tepui, Venezuela
minor Auyan tepui
minor Chimanta
minor x heterodoxa Australian
h8 nutans Australian
nutans Kukenam
nutans Tramen
nutans giant form australia
h9 nutans giant form germany
nutans x heterodoxa australia
hh4 nutans x ionasii Ilu/Tramen Tepui, Venezuela
h10 tatei var. neblinae green Cerro Neblina, Brazil
h11 tatei var. neblinae red Cerro Neblina, Brazil
h12 tatei var. tatei
h13 tatei var. tatei Cerro Duida, Venezuela
tatei var. tatei Cerro Huachamachari
tatei var. tatei Maharuaka
hh5 tatei neblinae x hispida Cerro Neblina, Venezuela)
h14 sp. ilu tepui Ilu Tepui, Venezuela
h15 sp yuruani tepui Yuruani Tepui, Venezuela
Nepenthes Species

nah1 alata highland striped Luzon, Philippines
nah2 alata highland striped
alata highland clone-A
nah3 alata highland clone-B
nah4 alata highland clone-Q
alata var. boschiana mimic
nal1 alata  lowland Mt. Guiting Guiting, Sibuyan Island Philippines
nalbl1 albomarginata green Sarawak, Malaysia
nalbl2 albomarginata red Penang ,West Malaysia
nalbl3 albomarginata speckled
nalbl4 albomarginata speckled Kuching Sarawak, Borneo
naml1 ampullaria Cantleys Red
naml2 ampullaria Cantley's Red type Brunei, Borneo
naml3 ampullaria 'giant red' Sarawak, Borneo
naml4 ampullaria'green fuzzy'
naml5 ampullaria 'hot lips' Sarawak, Borneo
naml6 ampullaria spotted Johore: Mt. Ophir, summit, 1395 m  West Malaysia
naml7 ampullaria spotted Brunei, Borneo
naml8 ampullaria spotted Bau Sarawak, Borneo
naml9 ampullaria spotted Tayeve Irian Jaya, Borneo
ampullaria var. tricolor clones cr-4,cr-33
nargh1 argentii Sibuyan Island, Philippines
nbel1 bellii Mindanao, Philippines
nbicl1 bicalcarata-yellow/orange Brunei, Borneo
nbicl2 bicalcarata-red flush Kalimantan, Indonesia
nburh1 burbidgeae Sabah, Malaysia
ncaml1 campanulata-green pitcher East Kalimantan, Borneo
ncaml2 campanulata-pink/green pitcher East Kalimantan, Borneo
ncarh1 carunculata Gunung Sago Sumatra, Indonesia
ncarh2 carunculata Gunung Merapi Sumatra, Indonesia
nclil1 clipeata-clone 2 West Kalimantan, Borneo
nclil2 clipeata-clone U West Kalimantan, Borneo
ndanl1 danseri Waigo Island Irian Jaya, Indonesia
ndeal1 deaniana Mt. Pulgar Palawan, Philippines
ndenh1 densiflora MT.Leuser Sumatra, Indonesia
ndenh2 densiflora MT. Kemiri North Sumatra, Indonesia
ndiah1 diatas-meadow form Gunung Banadahara Sumatra, Indonesia
ndipil1 distillatoria-pink pitcher Sri Lanka
ndipul1 distillatoria-purple pitcher Sri Lanka
ndiyel1 distillatoria-yellow pitcher Sri Lanka
neph1 ephippiata Kalimantan Sumatra, Indonesia
neyh1 eymae Gunung Lumut Sulawesi, Indonesia
nfalh1 fallax Bareo, Borneo
fusca clone-b black
nfush1 fusca-sarawak Sarawak,  Malaysia
nfush2 fusca-typical f-6 clone Sabah,  Malaysia
nfush3 fusca-typical triplett clone
nglah1 glabrata Sulawesi, Indonesia
ngral1 gracilis-dusky
ngral2 gracilis-reddish form
ngral3 gracilis-typical form
ngral4 gracilis-purple/black
ngral5 gracilis-purple/black
ngrah1 gracillima Peninsula, Malaysia
ngyh1 gymnamphora Gunung Singgalang Sumatra,  Indonesia
ngyh2 gymnamphora Gunung Talakmau Sumatra, Indonesia
nhah1 hamata Sulawesi, Indonesia
nhah2 hamata Gunung Lumut Sulawesi, Indonesia
nhil1 hirsuta Sarawak, Malaysia
ninh1 inermis Gunung Talang Sumatra, Indonesia
ninsh1 insignis Baik Island Irian Jaya, Indonesia
njah1 jaquelianae West Sumatra, Indonesia
nkhh1 khasiana Maghalaya, India
nlah1 lavicola Aceh Sumatra, Indonesia
lavicola Telong
nlamh1 lamii Sulawesi, Indonesia
nlonh1 longfolia West Sumatra, Indonesia
longfolia red
nlowh1 lowii Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo
nlowh2 lowii Mt. Trus Madi Sabah, Borneo
nlowh3 lowii Gunung Murud, Borneo
nlowh4 lowii Gunung Mulu, Borneo
nmach1 macfarlanei Genting highlands, Malaysia
nmacrh1 macrophylla Sabah, Malaysia
macrophylla clone1 and 2
nmacrl1 macrovulgaris Gunung Silam Sabah, Malaysia
nmaxh1 maxima Tlatawiran highlands North Sulawesi, Indonesia
maxima Waghete
nmaxh2 maxima var. curtisii
nmaxh3 maxima-dark
nmaxh4 maxima-dark Sulawesi, Indonesia
nmaxh5 maxima-SGS
nmirl1 merilliana Mt. Legaspi Mindanao, Philippines
nmikh1 mikei Gunung Pangulubao Sumatra, Indonesia
nminl1 mindanaoensis Mindanao, Philippines
nmirh1 mira Palawan, Philippines
nmirabl1 mirabilis
nmirabl2 mirabilis Cape York, Australia
nmirabl3 mirabilis var. echinistoma Brunei, Borneo
nmirabl4 mirabilis var. smilesii
nmirabl5 mirabilis-thai pink
mirabilis var. winged
nmulh1 muluensis-purple Murud Sarawak, Borneo
nnorl1 northiana Bau Sarawak, Malaysia
novah1 ovata Gunung Pangalubao, Sumatra
npech1 pectinata Sinabung, Sumatra
npeth1 petiolata Mindanao, Philippines
nphill1 philippinensis- Clone JK-1 Palawan, Philippines
nrafl1 rafflesiana var.elongata purple
nrafl2 rafflesiana var. elongata clone rafe-26 Brunei, Borneo
nrafl3 rafflesiana var. elongata   Brunei, Borneo
nrafl4 rafflesiana var. gigantea-clone 99 Brunei, Borneo
rafflesiana var. gigantea-clones 12,30,45,58,125 Brunei, Borneo
nrafl5 rafflesiana var. koshikawa
nrafl6 rafflesiana-typical
nrajh1 rajah Sabah, Malaysia
nramh1 ramispina Genting highlands, Malaysia
nreih1 reinwardtiana-red clone F
nrhoh1 rhombicaulis Lake Toba region North Sumatra, Indonesia
sanguinea gunung sago
nsanh1 sanguinea-orange pitcher Genting highlands, Malaysia
nsanh2 sanguinea-red pitcher Genting highlands, Malaysia
nsibh1 sibuyanensis Sibuyan Island, Philippines
nsigh1 singalana Gunung Singgalang Sumatra, Indonesia
nsph1 sp. 1 Sumatra, Indonesia
nsph2 sp. 2 Sumatra, Indonesia
doormans top 1
nspah1 spathulata Sumatra, Indonesia
nspah2 spathulata-female clone
nspeh1 spectabilis Gunung Perkins North Sumatra, Indonesia
nsuml1 sumatrana Sibolga Sumatra, Indonesia
ntenh1 tentaculata-spotted Lumut Central Sulawesi
tobaica red
ntoml1 tomoriana Lampia Gulf of Tomori Sulawesi, Indonesia
ntruh1 truncata highland Mindanao, Philippines
ntrul1 truncata lowland
ntrul2 truncata lowland Mindanao, Philippines
ntruh2 truncata reddish leaves Minanao, Philippines
nveih1 veitchii highland Bareo
nveih2 veitchii highland-clone C
nveih3 veitchii highland Batu Lawi Highland
nveih4 veitchii highland Hose Mountians Sarawak, Borneo
nveil1 veitchii lowland Sungai Samba Sabah, Borneo
nveil2 veitchii lowland
nveil3 veitchii lowland Bau Sarawak, Borneo
ventricosa female
ventricosa-clone C
nvenh1 ventricosa-clone E  red
nvenh2 ventricosa-clone F Dark Red
nvenh3 ventricosa-purple/black Luzon, Philippines
nvenh4 ventricosa-red clone V-4 male Luzon, Philippines
nvenh5 ventricosa-red peristome
nviel1 viellardii New Caledonia
nvilh1 villosa Sabah, Malaysia
Nepenthes Hybrids

nhyb1 alata x maxima
alata var. giant x spectabilis
nhyb2 ampullaria x rafflesiana
nhyb3 albomarginata x veitchii
bicalcarata x ampullaria
bicalcarata red x northiana
bicalcarata red x (northiana x veitchii)
bicalcarata red x (spectabilis x northiana)
nhyb4 burbidgeae x edwardsiana
nhyb5 clipeata x rafflesiana
nhyb6 clipeata x reinwardtiana
nhyb7 clipeata x (clipeata x eymae) Clip-1
nhyb8 eustachya red x purple
nhyb9 eustachya red x white
nhyb10 eymae x spectabilis
nhyb11 eymae x (ventricosa x mixta)
fusca x veitchii
nhyb12 fusca x (northiana x veitchii)
nhyb13 gracilis x bicalcarata
nhyb14 gracilis x bicalcarata
nhyb15 gracilis x bicalcarata w/fangs
nhyb16 gracilis x mirabilis
hirsuta x fusca
nhyb17 hirsuta x stenophylla
nhyb18 hirsuta x veitchii h/l
nhyb19 hirsuta x x tiveyi
nhyb20 lowii x truncata
nhyb21 lowii x ventricosa red
nhyb22 khasiana x mirabilis
khasiana x sibuyanensis
nhyb23 khasiana x ventricosa
khasiana x ventricosa cokendolpher
nhyb24 khasiana x x mixta
nhyb25 macrovulgaris x reinwardtiana
nhyb26 maxima x alata
maxima x glabrata
nhyb27 maxima x x mixta
nhyb28 maxima x sanguinea
nhyb29 maxima-dark x truncata
maxima x veitchii highland striped
nhyb30 maxima x veitchii-Sarawak
nhyb31 maxima x veitchii F2
nhyb32 maxima x ventricosa
nhyb33 maxima-dark x (northiana x veitchii)
maxima pieriensis x aristolochioides
nhyb34 maxima pieriensis x (northiana x veitchii)
nhyb35 maxima x (stenophylla x lowii)
nhyb36 mikei x xiphiodes
nhyb37 mirabilis x x outramiana
muluensis x lowii
northiana x veitchii F2
nhyb38 pilosa x veitchii
nhyb39 rafflesiana x ampullaria-clone 155
nhyb40 rafflesiana-brunei x rafflesiana-singapore
rafflesiana x veitchii
nhyb41 rafflesiana'brunei' x ventricosa female
nhyb41 ramispina x sanguinea
nhyb42 sanguinea x truncata
sibuyanensis x trusmadiensis
nhyb43 spathulata x ampullaria spotted
nhyb44 spathulata x maxima
nhyb45 spathulata x spectabilis
nhyb46 spahtulata x veitchii-Judith finn
nhyb47 spathulata x veitchii h/l
nhyb48 spathulata x x tiveyi
nhyb49 spathulata x (stenophylla x lowii)
nhyb50 spectabilis x bicalcarata
nhyb51 spectabilis x sumatrana
nhyb52 spectabilis x veitchii
nhyb53 spectabilis x ventricosa
nhyb54 spectabilis x ventricosa
nhyb55 spectabilis x ventricosa-dark
thorelii x ampullaria singapore
nhyb56 thorelii x aristolochiodes male plant
thorelii x densiflora
nhyb57 thorelii x veitchii = cv. Dreamy Koto
nhyb58 thorelii x x outramiana
thorelii x spectabilis
nhyb59 thorelii x x tiveyii
nhyb60 thorelii x (northiana x veitchii)
nhyb61 thorelii x ( stenophylla x fusca)
thorelii x (spectabilis x northiana)
nhyb62 thorelii x (x ventrata x tobaica)
nhyb63 tobaica x maxima
tobaica x ampullaria
nhyb64 tobaica x talangensis
nhyb65 tobaica x talangensis
nhyb66 tobaica-purple x thorelii-squat
truncata x aristolochioides
truncata x densiflora
truncata x hamata
nhyb67 truncata x mindanoensis
nhyb68 truncata x ventricosa
nhyb69 truncata x x cincta
truncata x (stenophylla x lowii)
nhyb70 truncata x (ventricosa x mindanoensis)
nhyb71 veitchii x lowii-clone 14
nhyb72 veitchii x lowii clone 13
nhyb73 veitchii-lowland x veitchii-highland striped
nhyb74 veitchii-lowland x x tiveyi
nhyb75 veitchii x x trusmadiensis
nhyb76 ventricosa x aristolochioides
nhyb77 ventricosa x bongso
ventricosa x densiflora
nhyb78 ventricosa x glabrata
nhyb79 ventricosa x lowii
ventricosa x lowii cv D'amato
nhyb80 ventricosa x x leesii
nhyb81 ventricosa x maxima
nhyb82 ventricosa x maxima
nhyb83 ventricosa x macrovulgaris
nhyb84 ventricosa x mapuluensis
nhyb85 ventricosa x ovata
nhyb86 ventricosa x pectinata
nhyb87 ventricosa x ramispina
nhyb88 ventricosa x spectabilis
nhyb89 ventricosa x xiphiodes
nhyb90 ventricosa x x cincta
nhyb91 ventricosa x x tiveyi
ventricosa red x talangensis
ventricosa-squat x truncata
nhyb91 ventricosa-squat x (northiana x veitchii)
nhyb92 ventricosa-squat x (spectabilis x northiana)
nhyb93 ventricosa x (rafflesiana x tobaica purple)
nhyb94 ventricosa x (spathulata x veitchii-judith finn)
nhyb95 xiphiodes x mikei
x attractive fuso
nhyb96 x cathy jo
nhyb97 x coccinea
nhyb98 x cravenii x mirabilis
nhyb99 x cravenii x thorelii
nhyb100 x dwarf peacock
nhyb101 x dyeriana
nhyb102 x effulgent koto
nhyb103 x FPT
nhyb104 x gentle
x harrilliana alba
nhyb105 x hookeriana clone 155
nhyb106 x hookeriana clone c
nhyb107 x hookeriana
nhyb108 x ile de france
nhyb109 x leesii
nhyb110 x miranda
nhyb111 x outramiana x x cravenii
nhyb112 x petra
nhyb113 x prosperity
nhyb114 x rokko = thorelii x maxima
nhyb115 x rokko x fusca
x rokko x (northiana x veitchii)
nhyb116 x rokko x spectabilis
nhyb117 x rokko x stenophylla
nhyb118 x rokko x veitchii
x rokko x veitchii highland striped
nhyb119 x rokko x x mixta
nhyb120 x rokko x x weigneri
x sheridianiana
nhyb121 x ventrata
nhyb122 x ventrata x tobaica
nhyb123 x weigneri
nhyb124 x WPT
nhyb125 x wrigleyana
nhyb126 (mirabilis x bicalcarata) x spathulata
nhyb127 (northiana x veitchii) x mixta
nhyb128 (northiana x veitchii) x (tobaica x thorelii)
nhyb129 (rokko x dyeriana) x ventricosa 'red'
(spectabilis x spathulata) x stenophylla
(spectabilis x talangensis) x (northiana x veitchii)
(tobaica x ovata) x veitchii highland striped
(veitchii x maxima) x aristolochiodes
(veitchii x maxima) x fusca
(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii
nhyb130 (veitchii x maxima) x x mixta
nhyb131 (veitchii x maxima) x (x oiso x fusca)
nhyb132 (veitchii x maxima) x (x rokko x veitchii)
Pinguicula Species

mp1 acuminata
mp2 agnata
agnata red leaf
mp3 agnata var. 1 JVM
agnata scented
agnata true blue
mp4 ascension
tp1 balcanica  
tp2 balcanica ssp. Pontica
tp3 bohemica
tp4 corsica
mp5 cyclosecta
mp6 ehlersiae
elhersiae var. white flower
mp7 esseriana
esseriana var. giant
tp5 fiorii
mp8 gigantea var. AL2
mp9 gigantea var. AL3
tp6 grandiflora Ireland
tp7 grandiflora Jura Mts., France, 1100m
tp8 grandiflora subsp. rosea Grenoble
mp10 gypsicola
mp11 hemiepiphytica
mp12 immaculata
sp1 ionantha
mp13 jaumavensis
mp14 laueana var. red flower
laueana crimson red flower
laueana sierre mix
laueana very red plant
tp9 leptocearas
tp10 longfolia
longfolia subsp. causensis Mende, S. France, 400m
tp11 longifolia ssp. dertosensis
tp12 longifolia subsp. longifolia
tp13 longifolia subsp. reichenbachiana
sp2 lusitanica
sp3 lutea Walton Co. FL
lutea St. Johns co. FL
lutea Volusia co. FL
tp14 macroceras Washington
macroceras nortensis California
mp15 moranensis
mp16 moranensis Chichicasternango
moranensis Hauhupan
mp17 moranensis Huaulta
moranensis La Vuella
mp18 moranensis Oxaca
mp19 moranensis Santiago Nuyoo
moranensis var. C longwood gardens
mp20 moranensis var. D
mp21 moranensis var. G
moranensis alba
mp22 moranensis var. red leaf
mp23 moranensis var. supurba
tp15 nevadensis
mp24 oblongiloba
sp4 planifolia
mp25 potosiensis
sp5 primuliflora
tp16 ramosa
mp26 rectifolia
mp27 rotundiflora
tp17 vallisneriifolia
tp18 villosa
tp19 vulgaris Newfoundland, Canada
vulgaris Sumava, CZ
mp28 yucca do 1713
mp29 yucca do 1714
mp30 yucca do 1715 cv. Enigma
mp31 yucca do 1716
mp32 yucca do 1718
spec. "I" Hautil
sp Ayalta
sp. AL 14
sp. Guerro ron parsons
sp Hauhupan
mp33 sp. Kirkbright
sp. Kohres
mp34 sp. Pauchua
sp. Pauchua site 2
mp35 sp. Pico de orziba
mp36 sp. Santa Maria Yucuhiti
sp. Synalta
Pinguicula Hybrids:

agnata x gracilis
mph1 agnata x gypsicola
agnata x jaumavensis
mph2 agnata scented flower x moctezumae cv. Aphrodite
agnata x (moranensis x ehlersiae)
agnata scented x moranensis huatla
agnata scented x potosiensis
cyclosecta x agnata scented
mph3 ehlersiae x oblongiloba
emarginata x cyclosecta
filifolia x moctezumae
gigantea alba x moctezumae
gracilis x moctezumae
grandiflora subsp. rosea x fiori
grandiflora subsp. rosea x poldinii
grandiflora subsp. rosea x vallisneriifolia
gypsicola x moctezumae
jaumavensis x cyclosecta
moctezumae x kohres
moctezumae x zecheri
moranensis x emarginata
moranensis c x ehlersiae longwood gardens
moranensis huatla x ehlersiae
nevadensis x poldinii
x sethos x fraser beauty
mph4 x sethos x gypsicola
x sethos x self
x cv. Florian
mph5 x George Sargent
mph6 x Gina
x Hamlin
mph7 x John Rizzi
mph8 x Kewensis
mph9 x Medusiana
mph10 x Mola
x Morellia
mph11 x Pirouette
mph12 x Sethos
mph13 x Tina
mph14 x Titan
mph15 x Weser

ror1 dentata
Sarracenia Species

sal1 alata
alata Beauragard Co. AL
sal2 alata Robertson co., TX
alata Vernon, LA
alata Harrison co. MS
sal3 alata var. black Stone Co., MS
sal4 alata var. areolate Jasper co., TX
alata var. external veins Leon Co. TX
alata var. green
alata var. internal veins Robertson, TX
sal5 alata var. red/black
sal6 alata var. maroon throat
sal7 alata var. nigrapurpurea
sal8 alata var. pubescent
alata var. red lid/heavy veins Perry Co. MS
sal9 alata var. small red form Hwy 15, MS
sfl1 flava Horry Co., NC
sfl2 flava var. atropurpurea
sfl3 flava var atropurpurea Applachicola Co., FL
sfl4 flava var. bronze tube
sfl5 flava var. cuprea cv. Kimber Ruffles
sfl6 flava var. cuprea Pender Co., NC
flava var. cuprea Brunswick Co. NC
sfl7 flava var. flava Wewahitchka Gulf Co., FL
sfl8 flava var.flava
sfl9 flava var. maxima
flava var. maxima Sussex Co. VA
sfl10 flava var. ornata Bay Co., FL
sfl11 flava var. ornata- red lip Bay Co., FL
sfl12 flava var. ornata FT Walton Co. FL
flava var. ornata Liberty Co., FL
flava var. ornata Prince George Co. VA
sfl13 flava var. rubricorpora Applachicola Co., FL
sfl14 flava var. rubricorpora Liberty Co., FL
sfl15 flava var. rugelii
flava var. rugelii Bulloch co. GA
sle1 leucophylla Chipola River, FL
sle2 leucophylla Foley Co. AL
sle3 leucophylla Okaloosa Co. FL
sle4 leucophylla Santa Rosa Co. Fl
sle5 leucophylla var. crimson snow
sle6 leucophylla var. green
sle7 leucophylla var. giant
sle8 leucophylla cv. Hot Pink
sle9 leucophylla cv Hurricane Creek
sle10 leucophylla var. persian carpet
sle11 leucophylla var. red top
sle12 leucophylla cv. Schnells Ghost
sle13 leucophylla var. stained glass
sle14 leucophylla cv. Tarnok
sle15 leucophylla cv. Titan
sle16 leucophylla var. yellow flower
smi1 minor
minor Okeechobi, FL Lake Okeechobie
minor big one Brantly Co. GA near Brantley co. Highschool
minor Bulloch Co. GA Statesboro GA
minor Horry Co. SC Conway SC
minor Volusia co. FL
smi2 minor US Hwy 441 Between 192 and SR60
smi3 minor Ware Co. Ga
smi4 minor var. okeefenokeensis Waycross Ga
smi5 minor var. okeefenokeensis
sor1 oreophila Dekalb Co. AL
sor2 oreophila var. large form
sor3 oreophila var. heavy inner vein
sps1 psittacina FT Walton Co. FL
sps2 psittacina var. giant
sps3 psittacina var. green
sps4 psittacina var. orange flower
sps5 psittacina var. yellow flower
spp1 purpurea subsp. purpurea Sawyer co. MI
spp2 purpurea subsp. purpurea
purpurea subsp. Purpurea Caroline Co. VA
spp3 purpurea subsp. purpurea var. heterophylla
spv1 purpurea subsp. venosa var. burkeii Cooks Bayou, Bay Co. Fl
spv2 purpurea subsp. venosa var. burkeii FT Walton Co. FL
spv3 purpurea subsp. venosa var. dutch giant
spv4 purpurea subsp. venosa var. montana Henderson Co. NC
sru1 rubra subsp. alabamensis Chilton Co. AL
sru2 rubra subsp. gulfensis
rubra subsp. gulfensis var. ancestral Peach Co. GA
sru3 rubra subsp. gulfensis var. ancestral Taylor Co. GA
rubra subsp. gulfensis var. coppery/veined Okaloosa Co. FL
rubra subsp. gulfensis var. fine veined Ft. Walton Co. FL
sru4 rubra subsp. gulfensis var. green Santa Rosa Co. FL
sru5 rubra subsp. gulfensis var. red dipped peristome
sru6 rubra subsp. gulfensis var. reddish tube FT Walton Co. FL
sru7 rubra subsp. gulfensis var. dark red tube
sru8 rubra subsp. jonesii NC
sru9 rubra subsp. jonesii Etowah Co. NC
sru10 rubra subsp. jonesii SC
sru11 rubra subsp. jonesii var. green
sru12 rubra subsp. rubra
sru13 rubra subsp. rubra Brunswick Co. NC
sru14 rubra subsp. wherryi
rubra subsp. wherryi Washington Co. AL near Chatom
rubra subsp. wherryi Washington Co. AL Deer park
rubra subsp. wherryi Washington Co. AL near Tibbee
rubra subsp. wherryi var. bronze/veined Baldwin Co. AL
rubra subsp. wherryi var chatom Washington Co. AL near Chatom
rubra subsp. wherryi var. fuzzy red Mobile, AL
rubra subsp. wherryi var. large/stocky wavy lid Escambia Co. AL
Sarracenia Hybrids:

hyb1 alata x leucophylla
hyb2 alata x flava
hyb3 alata x minor
hyb4 alata x minor okeefenokeensis
hyb5 alata x oreophila
hyb6 alata var. maroon throat x minor var. okeefenokeensis
hyb7 alata var. maroon throat x oreophila
hyb8 alata var. pubescent x flava var. atropurpurea
hyb9 alata var. pubescent x leucophylla
hyb10 alata x purpurea subsp. venosa
hyb11 alata x rubra subsp. rubra
hyb12 alata x rubra subsp. wherryi
hyb13 alata x x willisii
hyb14 flava x minor
flava var. rugelli x minor Appling, GA near satillia river
flava var cuprea x (flava x purpurea)
hyb15 flava var. ornata x oreophila
hyb16 flava x purpurea subsp. purpurea var. heterophylla-orange petals
hyb17 flava x purpurea subsp. purpurea
hyb18 flava x purpurea subsp. venosa
hyb19 flava x purpurea subsp. venosa var. burkeii
hyb20 flava x psittacina
hyb21 flava var. rubricorpora x psittacina
hyb22 flava x rubra subsp. gulfensis
hyb23 flava x x willisii
hyb24 flava x (rubra rubra x purpurea venosa)
hyb25 leucophylla x alata
hyb26 leucophylla x alata Washington Co. AL
hyb27 leucophylla x flava var. atropurpurea Milton FL.
hyb28 leucophylla x flava var. rugelli
hyb29 leucophylla x minor  
hyb30 leucophylla x minor var. okeefenokeensis
hyb31 leucophylla var. red x minor var. okeefenokeensis
hyb32 leucophylla x purpurea subsp. venosa
hyb33 leucophylla x rubra subsp. gulfensis  
hyb34 leucophylla x rubra subsp. gulfensis var. dark red
hyb35 leucophylla x rubra -Sheridan cross
hyb36 leucophylla x rubra subsp. rubra
hyb37 leucophylla x rubra Washington Co. AL
hyb38 leucophylla var. green x rubra subsp. jonesii var. green
hyb39 leucophylla x stevensii
hyb40 leucophylla x x willisii
hyb41 leucophylla x x courtii- northern pink
hyb42 leucophylla x x courtii- northern red
hyb43 leucophylla x x courtii- southern pubescent
hybc1 leucophylla x x red blush
hyb44 leucophylla x x umlauftiana
hyb45 minor x oreophila
hyb46 minor x psittacina
hyb47 minor x purpurea subsp. venosa
hyb48 minor x rubra
hyb49 minor x (purpurea x flava) x flava
hyb50 oreophila x leucophylla
hyb51 oreophila-green x leucophylla-white
hyb52 oreophila x psittacina
hyb53 oreophila x purpurea
hyb54 oreophila x purpurea subsp. purpurea
hyb55 oreophila x purpurea subsp. venosa
hyb56 oreophila x x mitchelliana
hyb57 oreophila x x willisii
hyb58 oreophila x (flava x purpurea)
hyb59 psittacina x alata
hyb60 psittacina x flava var. rubricorpora
hyb61 psittacina x minor
hyb62 psittacina x rubra  
hyb63 psittacina x rubra subsp. wherryi
hyb64 psittacina var. green x rubra subsp. jonesii var green
hyb65 purpurea subsp. purpurea x flava
hyb66 purpurea subsp. purpurea var. heterophylla x psittacina var. green
hyb67 purpurea subsp. venosa x rubra
hyb68 purpurea x (psittacina x rubra)
hyb69 purpurea x (rubra x flava)
hyb70 purpurea subsp. purpurea x psittacina
hyb71 purpurea subsp. purpurea var. heterophylla x rubra subsp. jonesii var. green
hyb72 purpurea x x courtii
hyb73 rubra subsp. alabamensis x purpurea subsp. purpurea var. heterophylla
hyb74 rubra subsp. rubra x minor
hyb75 rubra subsp. rubra x purpurea subsp. venosa
hyb76 rubra subsp. gulfensis x (leucophylla x flava)
hyb77 rubra subsp. gulfensis var. green  x rubra subsp. jonesii var. green
hyb77 rubra subsp. wherryi x purpurea subsp. venosa
hyb78 (alata x oreophila) x x mitchelliana
(flava x purpurea subsp. purpurea) x leucophylla
hyb79 (leucophylla x flava) x leucophylla
hyb80 (leucophylla x purpurea ) x leucophylla
hyb81 (leucophylla x purpurea subsp. venosa) x purpurea subsp. venosa
hyb82 (leucophylla x purpurea) x rubra subsp. gulfensis
(leucophylla var. green x rubra jonesii var. green) x purpurea heterophylla
(oreophila x leucophylla) x x courtii
hyb83 (oreophila x minor) x (purpurea x rubra)x leucophylla
hyb84 (psittacina var. green x rubra subsp. jonesii var. green)x rubra subsp. jonesii var. green
hyb85 (rubra x purpurea) x alata
hyb86 (flava x (rubra x purpurea) x leucophylla red vein
hyb87 (readii x purpurea subsp. venosa) x (rubra subsp. gulfensis x leucophylla) x x excellens
hyb88 x big red
hybc2 x blackberry sundae
hyb89 x coral
hyb90 x citronellii
hyb91 x copper vase
hybc3 x courtii x leucophylla-chipola
x courtii x (flava x purpurea)
hyb92 x courtii x minor
x dana's delight x purpurea subsp. Purpurea
x dana's delight x purpurea subsp. Venosa var. burkei
x dana's delight x x mardi gras
hyb93 x decora
hyb94 x dixie lace
hyb95 x doodle bug
hyb96 x excellens x formosa
hyb97 x excellens x x readii
hyb98 x excellens x rubra
hyb99 x exornata x leucophylla
hyb100 x firemouth
hyb101 x flair
hybc4 x flash
hyb102 x fledgling
hybc5 x grape mystique
hyb103 x green surprise
hyb104 x hammer hummerhead
hyb105 x imhotep
hyb106 x judith hindle
hyb107 x june bug
hyb108 x ladies in waiting
hyb109 x lady bug
hyb110 x llama
hyb111 x love bug
hyb112 x mardi gras
x mardi gras x x dana's delight
hyb113 x melanorhoda
hyb114 x mitchelliana x flava
hyb115 x mitchelliana x (purpurea x oreophila)
hyb116 x mushroom periscope
hyb117 x night sky
hyb118 x popei-red
hyb119 x red dixie
hybc6 x red serpant
hyb120 x red sumatra
hyb121 x red surprise
hyb122 x rococo
hyb123 x skywatcher
hyb124 x spatter pattern
hyb125 x swainiana x flava
hyb126 x top hat
hyb127 x turtle mouth
hyb128 x umlauftiana
hybc7 x up periscope
hyb129 x white sparkler
hyb130 x wrigleyana
hyb131 x wrigleyana-red wide mouth
hyb132 x wrigleyana x leucophylla
hyb133 x willisii
hyb134 x willisii-broadlid
hyb135 x willisii x x aerolata
hyb136 x willisii x leucophylla
hyb137 x willisii x minor var. okeefenokeensis
hyb138 x willisii x x mitchelliana

utr1 arenaria
uatr1 aurea
utt1 bisquamata
utr2 blanchetii
utr3 calycifida
utr4 calycifida-red veins Cthulhu
utr5 calycifida yog sathooth
utt2 cornuta
utr6 delicatata
utt3 dichotoma
utr7 flaccida
uet1 humboldtii
uatr2 inflata
utr8 juncea
utr9 laterifolia
utt4 livida
utr10 longfolia
utr11 longfolia var. forettiana
uat1 macrorhiza
utt5 monanthos
utr12 nana
uet2 nelumbifolia
utr13 nephrophylla-white flower
utr14 paulinae
utt6 praelonga
utt7 prehensilis
utr15 reniformis-large form
utr16 reniformis-small form
utr17 sandersonii
utr18 sandersonii-blue flower
utt8 subulata
utr19 tricolor
utr20 tridentata
utr21 welwhichii